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Stage Systems


Outdoor Staging

Accord AV has a number of solutions to your outdoor staging needs, whether this be a budget solution for a community event or a wow factor concert or festival we can satisfy your requirements.

We carry a large selection of lite deck and stage deck with safety rails and stairs, which can all be height changeable to be built on any surface from a beach to a playing field. All stages are certified to the highest standards of safety so piece of mind is guaranteed.

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Indoor Staging
With our range of lite deck and stage deck we can hire you a bespoke sized stage, as well as a standard rectangular stage to fit your chosen venue, whether it be only a few pieces of stagedeck for a small band or drum riser to a catwalk or large stage area. Supplied with all these stages are disabled ramps, steps and handrails for access needs and health and safety requirements.

Coupled with our long standing knowledge of building set and props for the theatre industry we can call upon our creative staff to design in conjunction with your ideas any bespoke set or dressing effects for your venue, with CAD images available on request.

We can also offer a truss ground support system, this is a great way of creating a presence of your stage, as well as adding rigging points to venues that don’t have any in house.

Please don’t hesitate in contacting us on 01435 812100 for a free quote or just friendly and impartial advice on how we can create the perfect solution for your individual event.