Stage Systems

Accord AV has a number of solutions to your outdoor staging needs, whether this be a budget solution for a community event or a wow factor concert or festival we can satisfy your requirements. Accord AV have recently invested in a exciting new stage option with the introduction of the Stage Mobil LR stage. A mobil stage solution with fast deployment times whilst retaining the classic ARC roof concert stage look.

We carry a large selection of lite deck and stage deck with safety rails and stairs, which can all be height changeable to be built on any surface from a beach to a playing field. All stages are certified to the highest standards of safety so piece of mind is guaranteed.

Introducing our brand new Stage Mobil Trailer Stage System (GiG Stage) is a trading name of Accord AV


Mobile Rapid Deployment
42sqm Covered Stage Solution
The Elegant One
7x6m Arc Roof Trailer Stage

Stage Mobile LR is a universal mobile stage of 42m² with the classic arched concert stage roof. Its unique design makes it perfect for events to attract attention to an outdoor live music event or a raised lounge for VIP's, classical concerts, boxing ring  for political discussions with full TV coverage, perhaps even a news studio.


Even with a size of an inner city apartment, there is often a need for more space and we are to your assistance for a individual design. With standard stagedeck podiums we can build an impressive catwalk, practical technician tents on either side of the stage or larger backstage area with loading dock.

Our wide range of accessories for the Stagemobil LR include PA side wings that can support up to 500kg per side, perfect for when a flown PA sound system is needed, wide lighting designs or even sponsor banners which can help you finance your event or get your message across.

The German-built LR Mobile Stage is set up by a single technician provided by Accord AV,there is no need for extra help.

If you need lighting and audio visual equipment , you are welcome to contact our experienced booking staff who will help with the planning side of your event. We offer a full collection of high end pro audio from D.A.S Audio and LED lighting systems from Chauvet, Martin Professional & Lanta for all weather solutions.  Accord Audio Visual, keeping everything in house making sure the right people are on hand to deal with all your requirements.

Our stages are delivered on time in perfect condition, cleaned, tested and approved by our own technical staff before any setup.

Stagemobil mobile stages have a longer operating life than other manufacturers in the market. It is noticeable even to the untrained eye, in particular the stability, build quality and unending mounting possibilities for sound and lighting, decorations and banners.

When you rent a stage from Accord AV GigStage, it is delivered, assembled, dismantled and returned by trained personnel who are fully insured  all stages come fully certified for use along with full public liability insurance.

Dimensions as fully constructed stage system

  • Width without Pa wings 7m
  • With PA Wings 9.9m
  • Depth 6.10m
  • 4.9m height
  • Stage height 1.05-1.30 m
  • Floor loading capacity 350kg/m2

Total net weight incl. all accessories 2650 kg

Wind speed calculation

  • Beaufort scale 8 17,2 up to 20,7 meters pr. second 39-46 mph
Performance Space
  • Suitable for a 7 piece Rock Band
  • 15 Piece Orchestra
  • 30 Person choir
  • 42 SQM performance area 7x6m
  • 1400 UDL Roof flying load
  • 500kgs Per side PA wings (optional)

Trailer Dimensions stowed as trailer

  • Trailer length 8.5m incl tow hitch
  • Trailer width 2.5m
  • Trailer height 3.6m

Hire Rates

These include a 50 mile RTB mileage calculation. Additional mileage charged at £0.90 ppm

Monday- Friday Off Peak (Per day)

£1000.00 1st day  2nd day 50% of highest rate

Saturday - Sunday Off Peak (Per Day)

£1250.00 1st day 2nd day 50% of highest rate

Friday- Monday Hire Off Peak

£2500.00 Fixed rate

Monday- Friday Peak (Per day)

£1250.00 1st day 2nd day 50% of highest rate

Saturday - Sunday  Peak (Per Day)

£1450.00 1st day 2nd day 50% of highest rate

Friday -Monday Hire Peak

£2750.00 Fixed rate

All Prices exclude VAT and are subject to change

Our Mobile Stage LR can be extended with custom branding covering the arc roof, side wings and front stage valance.

We Can Offer

Side Wing Branding from £250 plus VAT

including mesh artwork and design (requires PA Wings)

10m Arc Roof Banner from £400 plus VAT

mesh or solid full colour including artwork and design (requires roof banner kit)

Structure Add Ons for Banners

Banner Kit £100 plus VAT

for overhead fixing of roof banners

PA Banner Wings £125 plus VAT

Full Side Wings & Roof Banner Kit £750 plus VAT

in full colour kit, including structural fixings and installation on site

We are also able to brand the rear wall and front stage valance, prices available on request.

Outdoor Staging Milos MR 1 6x4

Accord AV offer  for restricted access sites where a mobile solution is not possible  the Stylish Milos MR1 Stage System.

Milos are one of the largest truss manufactures in the world and offer a fantastic, eye catching and superbly engineered product in their range of MR1 roof systems

All stage platforms used with our MR1 roofs are either Prolyte Stagedex,
Litedeck, Lightspace or Airspace deck systems. The stage systems are supplied fully assembled by our team of engineers and all stages feature handrails, a solid back wall with mesh or solid sides. (please note solid sides decreases the wind loading )
The stage ballast is dependant on surface, either water ballast IBC or ground anchors will be required. (survey dependant)

The MR1 roof system is also extremely tolerant to mother nature and offers a class leading Beaufort 8 wind resistance when used with mesh sides.

Milos MR1 6x4m Arc roof system
Milos MR1 8x6m Arc roof system

MR1 Branding Options

Branding is key this is a great way of sponsoring your event and help pay back the investment we can offer branding plans for wings either side of the stage plus front valance or even a complete rear wall.

Accord AV  offer a complete array of class leading sound and lighting equipment from small to large concert systems featuring the latest line array technology from D.A.S Audio and visual impact from a range of dazzling Chauvet lighting LED projectors.

Indoor Staging

With our range of lite deck and stage deck we can hire you a bespoke sized stage, as well as a standard rectangular stage to fit your chosen venue, whether it be only a few pieces of stagedeck for a small band or drum riser to a catwalk or large stage area. Supplied with all these stages are disabled ramps, steps and handrails for access needs and health and safety requirements.

Coupled with our long standing knowledge of building set and props for the theatre industry we can call upon our creative staff to design in conjunction with your ideas any bespoke set or dressing effects for your venue, with CAD images available on request.

We can also offer a truss ground support system, this is a great way of creating a presence of your stage, as well as adding rigging points to venues that don’t have any in house.

Please don’t hesitate in contacting us on 01435 812100 for a free quote or just friendly and impartial advice on how we can create the perfect solution for your individual event.

Hire Rates

Please note all prices include delivery 50 mile RTB mileage with ground anchors only.

IBC water ballast requires 2nd vehicle or 7.5T truck Ppm charges apply these can be available on a separate quotation.

All systems below are quoted on the basis of a LWB van

Saturday - Sunday Day Rate Off Peak £1250.00
Monday- Friday Day Rate Off Peak £1100.00
4 Day week end rate Off Peak £2500.00

Saturday- Sunday Day Rate Peak £1500.00
Monday- Friday Day Rate Peak £1250.00
4 Day Week End Rate Peak £2750.00